Start your own business! Become an accredited Accidental Counsellor and train others to respond to difficult conversations.

Be your own boss or be the difference in your organisation or community! This Train the Trainer program provides participants with the skills to talk to someone going through a difficult time; having relationship issues; not coping with life; or feeling helpless. This course will help your participants respond in a helpful and meaningful way.
They will learn how to have a difficult conversation; help someone identify their strengths provide them with strategies to manage their stress and distress better; re-frame their thinking to give them a different perspective on things that previously appeared negative and unachievable.

Your passion and expertise for counselling will help make a difference to this landscape and provide you with an alternative career choice for your future.

The Virtual T4T is effectively delivered over a 4-day period period. This ensures that all participants understand the theories, principles and key concepts that underpin and inform the Accidental Counsellor program; fully grasp and are able to demonstrate their ability to explain the contents of the program, and lastly to gain confidence in their ability to competently deliver this program to their audiences.

Workshop Duration

The T4T is effectively delivered over a 4-day period virtually. The Accidental Counsellor Trainer accreditation presented virtually requires your attendance for two half days on day 1 and day 2, and attendance for full days 3 and 4.

What You Will Learn:

DAY 1 & 2

The full program is presented over two half days to give you a view of the workshop from a participant’s perspective and to provide time for reflection and feedback. Delivering it over the two half days ensures we minimise virtual fatigue and provide participants the time to consolidate their learnings

  • When delivered virtually the one-day program will be presented over two half days to account for virtual fatigue and ensuring participants can consolidate their learnings.

Specific course content and learning outcomes for CALM can be viewed at this weblink:


Each component of the Accidental Counsellor program will be explained and explored in full detail covering the key concepts that underpin, and inform the training program.


Each participant will have the opportunity to practice and present a section of the program to ensure they have understood the intent and delivery method of the program, as well as enabling them to gain confidence in their presentation styles. The afternoon focuses on the organising, planning, preparation, and presentation of an Accidental Counsellor workshop

What T4T participants receive:

Accidental Counsellor Trainers receive:

On successful completion, T4T participants receive a certificates of accreditation as a Suicide Programs Accidental Counsellor trainer, a full kit of resources to equip them for their training role, these include: – A Trainers Manual with comprehensive training notes, and a detailed guide of preparing for a workshops, Trainer PowerPoints with training notes, bookings spreadsheet, attendance templates, certificate templates, ice breaker cards, burn-out scale, email template, posters, flyers, and logos.

Total Price

Option 1

Suicide Programs Accidental Counsellor 4-day T4T – $2,500 (+GST)

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