Calm Conversations Can Save Lives.

Our suicide awareness, prevention and intervention courses enable participants to have calm conversations that can save lives. Awarded the Best Suicide Prevention Organisation of 2022.
Suicide intervention training Australia


Free Calm Suicide Safety Training

This free course will help you provide safety around someone who may be thinking about suicide as an option.

Access Suicide Awareness, Prevention And Intervention Training

Help to reduce suicide in Australia by taking a short, practical course. Our content is suitable for carers, counsellors, support workers, community and family members.

At Suicide Programs, our team is dedicated to creating practical, informative and helpful suicide prevention training and courses. It is our goal to help course participants be suicide aware and know what to say and do when they encounter someone in need of support. We are achieving this goal through easy to access online suicide prevention programs and in-person workshops.

Suicide intervention training Australia

In Person Workshops

Join our expert team for evidence and lived-experience based suicide prevention and intervention, mental health awareness and counselling skills training.

Training is delivered in a supportive, respectful, and inclusive environment, accepting each individual’s differences, with consideration for specific learning needs.

Suicide intervention training Australia

Online Courses

These self-paced courses help participants to recognise the signs of suicide and increase their counselling skills.

Learn suicide awareness, accidental counselling or motivational interviewing skills with captivating content that includes engaging videos and text.

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Suicide intervention training Australia


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How To Get Started

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Attend Our Free Training

Learn about Calm Suicide Safety. This free course will help you provide safety around someone who may be considering suicide as an option.

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Learn Online Or In Person

Enrol for informative and engaging suicide training, accidental counsellor training or motivational interviewing training.

Step Three


Apply Your Knowledge

Become part of the solution when it comes to suicide prevention or supporting someone through a difficult time.

A Conversation Can Save A Life

It won’t take you long to learn what to do when a client, friend or family member is struggling with their mental health.

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