1-DAY Lifelines Prevention

Our young people are on the front line everyday, they are typically the first responders for a peer at risk of suicide.

This Train the Trainer workshop is helpful for all school staff and school community members. It facilitates the steps for your school to address suicide in a meaningful way.

Workshop Duration


Building knowledge and skills to prevent suicide

Lifelines Prevention is primarily directed at helping everyone in the school community recognise when a student is at potential risk of suicide and understand how and where to access help.

The objectives specifically reinforce the goals of the competent school community by increasing the likelihood that these effects will occur:

Members of the school community can more readily identify potentially suicidal students, know how to initially respond to them, and know how to rapidly obtain help for them.

Students who are potentially at risk for suicide are aware of and have immediate access to helping resources and seek such help an alternative to suicidal actions.

The program content is devoid of clinical or mental health jargon and presents information in language that is accurate and easily understood.

It does not aim to screen students for suicide risk or address suicidal feelings or behaviours. Instead, classes emphasize help-seeking behaviours and are aimed at students who encounter at-risk peers.

It targets the whole school community by providing suicide awareness resources fro administrators, staff, parents and students.

Student sessions, which are 45 minutes long, fit easily into class periods, and content is aligned with the Australian national curriculum, specifically, the General Capabilities and Health and PE (Personal, social and community health strand and focus area of Mental Health and Wellbeing).

Lifelines Prevention educates students on the facts about suicide and students’ role in suicide prevention.

It provides information about where to find suicide prevention resources in the school and community.

Training materials are included for school staff that provide accurate and practical information on identifying and referring students who might be at risk for suicide. It also includes a presentation for parents that answers questions about youth suicide and prevention, and involves them in the school’s suicide prevention activities

Learning Outcomes

An overview of the comprehensive components of Lifelines

The research behind Lifelines that has proven its effectiveness

How to implement the Lifelines elements: develop administrative procedures and establish links to the community; conduct faculty and staff member training and provide parent education.

How to use the detailed instructor’s guide to teach four 45-minute lessons to students on suicide. These lessons prepare students to identify suicidal behaviour, respond appropriately, and obtain help for their friends and themselves

How to be seen as a resource for students and adults who are concerned about suicide

How to respond effectively if they become concerned about a student

How to become comfortable with the Lifelines skill-based approach, including role-playing

Request Lifelines Prevention Training Workshop

‘Find out how to recognise and support students potentially at risk, and promote help-seeking behaviours.

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training

Face to Face Workshop

You may prefer the personal element of face-to-face training, and the benefit it offers to interaction and engagement. It provides the ability to discuss, collaborate, and practice with the guidance from the facilitator.

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Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training