Learn how to build your own resilience

Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental and emotional health and their social and economic circumstances.

We are constantly bombarded with tips on how to be happy, but this constant striving to achieve happiness rather than wellbeing has been proven to make us less satisfied with who and where we are.

Recognising that when life is challenging, doing the things we know are important for our health are often the first to be let go. This course will look at the wellbeing continuum and explore new theories and ideas on how to build our resilience and self care.

Workshop Duration

3.5 hours / half-day

What You Will Learn

The difference between burnout, compassion fatigue and moral injury.

The definition of wellbeing and it’s see-saw nature

Where you are on the continuum of wellbeing and identify your personal strengths and challenges

Why standard self-care strategies don’t work

The myth of happiness and why it makes us unhappy

How to become more emotionally agile and so adapt to challenges and obstacles

About the concepts of psychological distancing and radical acceptances and how to implement these into your daily routines.

The neurobiological benefits of breathe and how to breathe to benefit exploring mindfulness

About the fight, flight, freeze response and why we respond to emotional threats the same way we respond to sabre tooth tigers.

To develop your how personalised wellbeing plan and ways to incorporate it into your daily living

What you will receive

A 24-page Workbook covering all content as well as a personalised wellbeing plan.

Reading material to further your learning and development

A printed certificate of attendance

Presented by fully accredited and qualified trainers

An Australian developed program underpinned with therapeutic strategies that are proven to work


Hear from people who have participated in our in-person and online suicide prevention training.

big stars
Loved the group dynamics and how these were facilitated, learned so much about myself through completing this program.
Be Well Stay Well
Calm Conversations Can Save Lives
big stars
Thank you, so empowering and uplifting knowing I can flourish, and that self-care isn’t selfish, it is vital.
Be Well Stay Well
Calm Conversations Can Save Lives
big stars
This course was great and gave me not only an understanding of why I struggle sometimes, but a lot of strategies around how to improve my wellbeing.
Be Well Stay Well
Calm Conversations Can Save Lives

Looking For Something Else?

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